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Experience & Dedication:

Rosenthal and Goldhaber, P.C. has concentrated on debt collection law for 75 years. Nobody has the experience, dedication, and expertise needed to recover unpaid debts like Rosenthal and Goldhaber. Our firm takes an aggressive, but fair, approach to recovering the money due to our clients. We will explore every avenue of opportunity to bring you success.

What do business professionals do when they need to collect unpaid debts?

They look for an attorney with experience, expertise, and a solid reputation who can collect their receivables.

Rosenthal & Goldhaber P.C. embodies all those qualities and more. We are a third-generation law firm which has been protecting and serving area businesses since 1940. Although Rosenthal & Goldhaber is a general practice law firm and well versed in all facets of business and commercial law, our emphasis is in debt collections.

So, no matter how big or small your case may be, Rosenthal & Goldhaber P.C will be able to “hold your hand” through the collections process and deliver top representation. We have helped a range of clients between sole proprietors and major six-billion dollar multi-national companies. Even though we may specialize in the building material supply industry, as well as various contractors, we can competently handle just about any type of client. We are available to assist with general litigation, business planning and management, labor and employment consulting, asset purchases and sales, business formation and dissolution and for business succession planning.

Rosenthal & Goldhaber P.C. – with 75 years of experience, has a reputation that is rock solid. As a testament to our reputation, many of our clients have been with us for decades. Most of the new business we acquire is simply through referrals from some of our very satisfied clients, the highest and most sincere compliment we can receive.

If your business is having difficulties collecting your hard earned receivables, feel free to contact us. We are sure you will become one of our many satisfied clients.